by Robert Taylor

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It took me too long to make this. Thanks to my brother, James Taylor for the spiffing arty cover art. Also for sick af people for being there for me. I don't know how to master well so some tracks are quieter than others, whoops


released October 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Robert Taylor UK

I make music.What genre am I? Who knows.

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Track Name: Blu
For back for when this electronic album wasn't about death and stuff!
Track Name: Conquered Demons
Conquer your demons, in any way you can. Even if that is riff-heavy electro beats.
Track Name: The Skull Club
look i didn't intend for this album to take a dark turn but stuff happens ok?
i like this track, the distorted pumping bass is so bloody cool
Track Name: Eventuality
This track is about death, ok, and the end of all things. moody, i know.
if you want a kind of similar track, check out "Mystical" from exposed. I say similar, it's entirely different.
Track Name: Vertex
I really want this album to be good. This took me like, ages. I don't know how long I worked on it for. A week? Two weeks? Time goes by in such a blur I forget what day it is sometimes. This track is a classic "bait and switch" tune, with different sections bridging to completley new riffs to throw you of entirely, while maintaining the same basic drum pattern withsome additions along the way. Also, synths. RONDO
Track Name: Sleepless
no lyrics, are you silly
Track Name: Aphasia Alpha
if you can't understand language, that's what aphasia is- this tune flutters between separate ideas and polyphony so therefore this name was given. also, a classic rondo format- that way i can squeeze in all sorts of ideas! I recorded two parts of the main drum kit (in the place of the snare) for a college assignment. (Also the hi-hat, too) This took me around a week to make, as I was working on assignments the last minute.
Track Name: At Rest
i made this track months before it was released, fairly simple, calming, simple chord structure, i like this! it's a gem, really
Track Name: Redeem
This is a fairly happy track, I don't know why- I really like it though; despite how short it is.
Track Name: The Mind Wanders
i liek this one it's good and simple and nice,. I lost sight of how to compose, somehow- i got bored of listening over and over to a track, then added in new sections and elements that were uneeded- but i created this track with the refreshed mindset of a listener, and not a composer who has heard the same track hundreds of times, and wantes to chnage things up to relieve the tedious nature of compostion etc. witty speech blah
Track Name: Meaning
This doesn't have any lyrics, i'm just using these for liner notes.
I like this one, it's cool. Arpeggios? check. distorted bass? check. Trills? Double check. Simple beat because I'm lazy? Check. Crafting weird synth textures and seeing if they work? Check. done. chords? what is a chord, idk i just press button and OOH CHORDS. Rondooo
Track Name: Inside
oh god why are you reading these I don't know. this one is very nice indeed
Track Name: Ourscape
thanks for listening pals this one is repetitive but the groove though ooh.
Track Name: Rejoined
I thought ourscape was the last one one but i guess it isn't. i really like how this one turned out, it's nice :D
also in a lot of these tracks i use/manipulate samples I made for a sampling task at college in the first year, which are in the latter half of the track. the drum sounds at the start/end are made by me using thor synths (as are most of the synths) thanks for listening, if u did you get a gold star xxx