Away From Aries

by Robert Taylor

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released May 11, 2017

Cover art by Rosemarie Jacquemain
TWITTER: @Eve_Matrix

also I made the music



all rights reserved


Robert Taylor UK

I make music.What genre am I? Who knows.

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Track Name: Malware Heart
a hard hitting funky-ish electro track, i think, with the main riff i stole from an earlier piece, Cosmos (on Saturn).
Track Name: Mynilogik
My longest track in a while, I started this one off by messing around with some +7th chords on the piano and boom you have a tune. did u know the best melodies come from your head? now u do.

we also hark back to the days of Jupiter where I use one default drum kit from Reason but whack it into submission with some distortion
Track Name: Isn't/You
Drum and bass? ok sure thing lads

this is a college project i made in Logic Pro X (even though I despise it)

the whole point of the assignment was to make a track using samples and synths, I already do this so yep

but the piano is from the college studio, I sampled a recording of my friend <3 and also myself because everyone loves narcissism. The drums are also from samples made in the college studio

I programmed the synths on the dire plug in ones in Logic
Track Name: Acidic
this was for a chase scene in a possible Similar 3, but Alastair scrapped the idea but this music is like, really good and I haven't included it on an album yet
Track Name: Space Hopper
i made this hip hoppin track in college, it's very malevolent. I recorded quite a bit of this track without quantising- if i did that I couldn't get the groove of the track
Track Name: Golden Elation
do you like this track? I do. thanks for listening lads
Track Name: Longing
*synths, guitar smaples and drum kit* <3
longing for what is and what can still be
Track Name: Flower Skulls
dum dad da dum da da oh wait it changes whoops
Track Name: March On
I made this at college because I could, spent too long on it, but it's a good one i promise
Track Name: Bittersweet
a little diddy stored away for a little while, if you don't want to cry like it didn't work lol
Track Name: Gjenkx
Imagine this tune being played from Ableton Live through to monitors BLASTING in a dark neon shaded lit stage with people walking in and watching you pretend to know how to use a mini launchpad and an effects unit. and also going on for way longer

because ns ns ns ns club music INFINITE UNIVERSE WOAH LADS what a lad

the event was also like really well received and i'm not entirely sure what people thought of it but oh well
Track Name: Two Sides
One half of this track is in 4/4, the other half in 6/4. Why? Because the second half has a drumbeat i just couldn't fit into 4/4, that's why.

if i was to use musical terminology on this track, erm, counter melodies, weird rhythmic patterns in drums and synths and catchy riffs.
Track Name: Decaffeinated Future
made in college lol in one day

the chord sequence is Dm, Em, C, F (x2) Am, Em.

Samples from Rick and Morty lol xoxo
Track Name: What's The Deal?
What is the deal my mans

This track was also played in a loopable format at the "Music Tech Con". Andrew Huang's video "Apple Music" is sampled.
Track Name: Illustrious
This was made at college lol on Reason 7, it's pretty groovy. The sub bassline is either static or does it's own off on beat pattern. You could say early Metronomy/Ben Prunty has it's influences on this track.

The last few tracks have been based off one key idea, which branches off into others as the tune progresses.